Depression Sucks

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Like, literally. Depression sucks joy, energy, motivation, hygiene, creativity, and the will to face one more day out of a person.

Depression isn’t the same thing as feeling sad. Sometimes, I do feel sad, though that is rare.

More often I feel heavy. Listless. Empty. Numb. My brain shuts down. I have a fairly high IQ, but depression sucks the smarts out of me.

My house is a wreck and depression sucks the will to fix it. I can’t seem to do an entire sink full of dishes in one sitting.

I can wash and dry my laundry but depression sucks my ability to take clean clothes from the dryer and put them away. Sometimes I manage to get the basketful of clean laundry to the bedroom, but there it stays.

Depression sucks my creativity. I’ve written entire books in my brain. But getting those words onto paper is nigh impossible.

Sometimes depression sucks my will to face another day. Sheer stubbornness keeps me from acting on suicidal ideation.

I am VERY stubborn.

People seem to want to read more about living with depression. I’ll be writing about it here and there. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments.

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