Not Even Winter Yet

photo by author

This was written during a power outage on Wednesday, 28 October.

We have no electricity. Power in town is also out. The prediction is to have it back on by 1pm tomorrow. In town. We are on a different grid so who knows how long before we have power. I’m mostly concerned with running water. Keith is going to do something to the well and he says something about a switch and a line and a generator but even though his words were all in English I’ve no early clue what he actually said. If that whatever doesn’t work, he will have to haul water from the stock tank so we can flush the toilets. I have 1/2 cup water from this morning and 1/2 mug of now cold coffee. We also have a few cans of beer and 2 bottles of wine. I have a protein drink and lots of chicken noodle soup. That’s our potable liquid at this point. Nothing in town is open. I worry for the people with central heat. We have propane stop we are warm at least. It is still October, right? Not even winter yet.

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