Breakfast Smoothie

1 November, 2020

File this one under delicious.

In April of this year, after being poked and prodded, scoped from both ends, and innumerable road trips to doctors far and near, I was officially diagnosed with IBS.

I learned more about Irritable Bowl Syndrome than I ever thought I wanted to know. There are 3 types. IBS A which presents with mostly diarrhea, IBS B which presents mostly with constipation, and IBS C which presents with both.

I have IBS C. I also have Type 2 diabetes and Hashimoto’s disease (hypothyroidism).

The medicos have recommended an anti-inflammatory diet with lots of fiber. Enter the breakfast smoothie.

I have 6 Dinosaur Kale plants in my garden. I have been harvesting since spring. Usually, my breakfast smoothies include cooked kale (cooked because raw kale is really bad for hypothyroidism) but I’ve harvested so much that I need to let it grow a bit more.

I have some sort of fruit and vegetable breakfast smoothie every morning. This ensures I can keep my poop in a group.

I use carrots and beets, and apples and pears, grapes and berries, mangoes and pineapple. I add a tiny bit of Vitamin C in powder form. I use stevia to sweeten everything. And I use a tsp of raw honey from our very own bees to help with my allergies.

I just throw it all in the blender and top it with about 5oz green tea.

I get enough animal fat throughout the day so I don’t add any eggs, although I’ve seen raw eggs in smoothie recipes. Also, I worry about salmonella.

We have our own chickens, so my body is very used to whatever strain of salmonella is naturally occurring in our eggs. I wouldn’t die if I ate a raw egg. But it would definitely trigger an IBS flare up in one direction or another. So. no thanks.

Without further ado, here is today’s smoothie recipe:

1 carrot

10 red grapes

5 strawberries

1 handful of large blackberries

1 handful of dark red cherries

1 pear

5oz green tea brewed

1 Tbs raw local honey

2 packets stevia

1/4 tsp powdered vitamin C

Throw it all in blender and liquify for 5 minutes or until smooth

Happy slurping!

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