I Haven’t Been Writing Because I’ve Been Arting.

I Arted!

Sunset by Author


I’m having a ball setting up the Redbubble store and designing, um, designs.

I’ve been going through the eleventeen kabillion photos in my Google Photo cloud. Some of these photos are 10 years old!

Higher resolution photos (aka more pixels) make better product design. Most of my older photos are 800×500. Not high. Few pixels.

I’ve discovered I can revamp this tiny, poor resolution photos by creating a .png file. I’m poor so I can’t afford a fancy, expensive photo editing app. Also, the only laptop computer I have access to is a Chromebook.

So, also no fancy photo editing software.

I have discovered Chrome Canvas. It is a tedious but fun way to upgrade old photos.

You should come check out my store. It really is in it’s infancy still, but is about ready to roll over, sun to be followed by sitting up all by itself.


I’ve been so busy arting I haven’t found time for writing. Which is cool. I’m a bit stuck on the book, anyway. I’m having trouble fitting the inciting incident into chapter 1. Enter prologue? Maybe? Whatever. My brain needs a break.

I have managed a Medium article or two. You can come check out my work here: https://medium.com@goatsandsheep.galore

Again, I need to figure out how to connect fancy buttons and pages and stuff to take you places I want you to go. But until I can do that, just click on the links. I’m a caveman. Come into my cave.

One thing I’ve learned about all this self promotion at which I’m not great is people prefer to follow people who have a ton of followers.

That is my convoluted way of asking you to PLEASE stop by the store and even if you don’t want to buy anything from me, follow me. Favorite my stuff. Help me get those numbers up.

And of course, feel free to buy a sticker or a magnet or a shocked Kitty dress or some llama leggings! You will be supporting a starving artist and in so doing free up my mind to write a book which you can then buy! Or at least read.


I hope to see you there!

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