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I had a lightbulb moment yesterday.

You know, the kind of moment when you are doing something completely mundane and suddenly, out of the blue, a thought occurs to you.

If I hadn’t been washing dishes, if my hands hadn’t been full of suds, I would’ve slapped myself on the forehead. I did say, “DUH!” out loud for the dogs and cat to hear.

Recently I set a goal for myself: to do something, anything, creative every single day. Well, that’s not true. I set this goal 500 years ago, but recently I’ve started following through with it. I believe I am able to follow through due to an effective balance of medications and therapy. The medications are for depression, anxiety, allergies, diabetes, low vitamin D, and Hashimoto’s (hypothyroidism).

It is amazing to me how the right combination of the right medications at the right dosage can make such a huge difference. And the therapy. As much as I resist my therapist’s advice when I follow it my life is better.

I have been creative nearly every day this year (2021). There have been some gray days, but most days I write a little, I craft a little, I art a little.

Yesterday, I sat at my art table, formerly known as our dining table, and glued some pieces of paper to a bottle. My hands got sticky and I went to the kitchen sink to wash them. Since I was already at the sink I decided to wash some dishes, too. While completing this mindless chore my thoughts wandered to my work in progress, a psychological suspense thriller, Don’t Go Outside!

The idea for the book came to me mid 2018. I didn’t start writing until 2020. I got a good start on it after being invited to a writing group. And then . . .

. . . I floundered. I stuttered to a stop. I ceased writing. Not in my head, though. I still write in my head almost constantly.

I have stayed the creativity course, even if it isn’t writing. I’ve been making decoupage wine bottles. they are pretty and great to use as vases or candle holders.

Decoupage wine bottle hand painted over cloth by author

I’ll be selling some at my local library with 1/2 the proceeds going to The Friends of The Library.

Bottle in progress at my art table (dining table)

Every day I either cut, rip, tear or glue little pieces of cloth or paper. Some days I consider finding and preparing the materials to be a major win. Some days I spend hours working on one bottle. Other days if I glue one or two squares I feel a sense of accomplishment.

materials for decoupage

1 of a set of 3 Christmas bottles on which I’m working.

As I washed and rinsed dishes and my mind wandered to character studies for the book, I lamented not actually writing anything down. A novel’s worth of words (around 80,000) seems overwhelming and daunting. But what if I wrote the way I decoupage? What if I wrote one or two senteces a day? It might take a long time to finish a draft, but not as long as not writing at all.

I’ll sit on this idea for a few more days. I hope to follow through. I need to set myself a goal and make a plan to put it into action. I guess I can do that here and now.

Goal: write one or two or more sentences every day for Don’t Go Outside!


Step 1: begin February 1

Step 2: keep going

Step 3: DO IT

I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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