Let’s Talk About Meal Kits

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Back when Meal Kits like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh first gained in popularity, though I desperately wanted to sign up, I couldn’t. They wouldn’t deliver to me.

Neither would those farm fresh box companies.

I don’t know if Blue Apron or Hello Fresh have expanded their delivery parameters in the last 10 years. I’ve been turned off from even trying.

I discovered SunBasket a few months ago and lo, and behold they do deliver to me.

We are going into the second year of social distancing and lockdown. Texas never really locked down to begin with. Some places never required masks. My husband was considered an essential worker, so he was never homebound. But we haven’t been going to the big city.

Amarillo is an hour away and was a hot spot for covid. I haven’t gone to the eye doctor, the endocrinologist, or the dermatologist despite having Type2 Diabetes and a history of skin cancer. I haven’t left our small town for any reason since The beginning of 2020.

I miss dining on foods we can’t get here in tiny town. We can’t get them at the local grocery store. I can’t order them from Amazon.

Then blood tests shows my ldl cholesterol to be too high and my calcium is high as well. The high calcium prompted a battery of other tests, including a mammogram and an ob/gyn appointment.

The mammogram had to happen in Amarillo last week. It was the first time we’ve eaten in a restaurant in forever. We paid $120.00 for two meals with no leftovers.

The high cholesterol is an ongoing thing and I’ve been bound and determined to feed us healthier foods. I can’t stress enough that we live in a food desert. Though healthy food is sometimes (rarely) available here, the quality is very poor. And I don’t think anybody knows what organic means!

As I said above, I discovered SunBasket a few months ago. They have incredibly healthy options for their meal kits including gluten free, plant based, carb conscious, diabetes friendly, paleo, pescadarian, and mediterranean diets.

Better yet, they have a market where you can buy fresh, high quality, organic ingredients, snacks, and beverages.

They are set up so you can get a delivery every week, or skip weeks when you want. I’m set up for every 4 weeks.

Here comes the best part.

You get better than restaurant meal options, organic and fresh for far less than you would pay at a regular restaurant cooked right in your own home. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and if you aren’t into cooking, they have “fresh and ready” meals for you to warm up. And though SunBasket is a little more expensive than the others, their variety, the market, the fantastic customer service are all worth it.

This week’s meals. There are many more to choose from!

I just ordered five meals from them. I have a discount of $40.00. So I am paying around $80 bucks for 5 meals serving two people and there will very likely be leftovers. Even without the discount, I’ll be spending the same amount I spent the other day at a restaurant for 2 meals, and my meal was over salted.

My billing, payment, and discount history

If you look closely above you’ll see the discount for March 1 exactly matches the bill for February 15. This is the great customer service I was talking about.

The unexpected extreme cold weather in Texas prohibited a timely delivery of our meals. So they credited me the entire amount. The box eventually arrived and the only unusable ingredients were some of the organic greens.

And the even better part is the sms texting customer service. They respond immediately. No bothersome phone calls. No waiting for emails.

Someone from the company also follows their Twitter feed pretty closely.

All this is to say, of you are thinking about a meal kit delivery service you really can’t go wrong with SunBasket.

I am not an affiliate, but if you use my referral link, we will both get $40.00 off.

Click this link and get $40 off your first order.


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