Goal Phoenix Build Your Crypto Course Review

I recently took a crypto portfolio course from Goal Phoenix by Michaelson Williams, Founder and Creative Director of Goal Phoenix Crypto. The course, Building Your Crypto Portfolio, sells for $798.00 but was heavily discounted to $497.00.

The course is set up for brand new beginners in the world of cryptocurrency buying, selling, trading, and investing.

Building Your Crypto Portfolio offers more than the typical cryptocurrency course already out there on the internet. Where most crypto trading can range from high-level overviews of blockchain tech to detailed explanations on how to trade crypto, the Goal Phoenix course employs a unique teaching technique.

While the Goal Phoenix portfolio building course indeed covers many lessons for the beginner investor, I believe the most powerful lessons in the course revolve around Michaelson’s distinctive approach to the success mindset. 

From positive brainwashing (called trainwashing) using affirmation as a way to re-train your brain, to a new direction in which to focus your energy, Michaelson guides and mentors the student through a thinking process that will ultimately help to achieve success in any endeavor.

Goal Phoenix Build Your Crypto Portfolio includes 32 chapters containing 55 lessons. Most of the lessons are followed by a short quiz. This makes it easy to gauge your progress. The course is designed so that you can learn at your own pace using concise, easy-to-understand language. Taking the course feels like Michaelson is sitting across from you at lunch or coffee and just talking about cryptocurrency. His passion and caring come through loudly and clearly. His big brother attitude shines through along with his desire to help you be the most successful you possible.

The course also includes practical, hands-on guidance through some of the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency marketplace. Michaelson covers volatility, privacy, exchanges, wallets, personal keys, and definitions of common cryptocurrency and traditional investing terms. Lessons are easy to follow and easy to retain.

I read through all 32 chapters and 55 lessons over several hours in one sitting. I had other life stuff going on and actually waited a week or so before going back to take each quiz following the lessons. Without reviewing the lessons, I managed to pass each and every quiz, most with a 100% pass rate, many days after having read the course material. The quizzes are set up so that if you do not pass the first time, or even if you do, you can easily go back and review the lesson and retake the quiz as many times as you like.

The downloadable and printable PDFs are an extra bonus. They include an investing checklist and a crypto asset tracker which can track up to 15 crypto assets at a time. When downloaded and/or printed out they make it very easy to review key elements of the course. 

The thing I like the best about the course is the relaxed and engaging way Michaelson guides you through new ways of thinking to create new mindsets that will turn your focus toward success. These new mindsets will inevitably help in every facet of life. They will engender success regardless of whether it is strictly success in investing and trading or success in attaining daily goals.

He has scattered “Mindset Expansions Quotes” all throughout the course. Each Mindset expansion quote is accompanied by this little blurb, 

“Working on coursework can be monotonous and even boring at times. These quotes were strategically placed in this course to break your thought patterns and set up for self-reflection. Answer any questions related to each quote with complete honesty, and you may discover what you’ve been lacking in life.”

The blurb pretty much defines the way Michaelson Williams approaches teaching, mentoring, guiding, and coaching. He really seems to want everyone to be a success.

The thing I liked the least about this course has less to do with the coursework, I think, and more to do with the website. About every 30 minutes I was automatically logged off and would have to log back in. Once I was re-logged in, I had to navigate through the entire Goal Phoenix website to find the courses and click on Take This Course. Then, I had to navigate through the entire course to get back to where I was within each chapter, lesson, or quiz. If I was taking a quiz when I was automatically logged out, I would have to retake the quiz. This was but a minor inconvenience that did not take very much away from the enjoyment of taking the course.

[By the time of publishing, the above situation had been remedied. If you want to take the course in one sitting or over several hours, you will still need to re-login. But, only every 2 hours instead of every 30 minutes. I like this much better. Science tells us it is healthier to stand up and walk around every 2 hours, so the re-login is a good signal that it is time to take a break.]

Included in the Building Your Crypto Portfolio course is a 15 minute one on one phone call with Michaelson. He promises to answer any questions you may have, and if he cannot answer a question he offers a discount. I decided to use my phone call to interview Michaelson about himself, his goal, beginnings, and personal mindset. 

I had wanted to transcribe a simple interview in question-and-answer format. One thing I learned from my phone with the creator of the Goal Phoenix Build Your Crypto Portfolio course is that Michaelson Williams is anything but simple. 

A very complex and passionate man, Michaelson strongly dislikes “Life Coach” as a descriptor for himself. He prefers to be regarded as a mentor. A guide. A sherpa on the Mount Everest of life. Michaelson has been in the success mentoring game for a long time. 

He has based his guidance approach on what worked for his personal life as well as his observations of the people in the world who want success but still fail at achieving it. His main passion is guiding people into a mindset of success. He said he “guides people to a success-driven mindset.” He’s written a few books about it and is a success in his own right. 

He has achieved fame and fortune on stage as a bodybuilder, and author of several books, magazines, and courses. Ok. So he never said he had gained fame. Only that he achieved his goals. And he wants so badly to help everyone achieve their goals as well. 

Michaelson views his crypto portfolio course (and all of his other Goal Phoenix endeavors) as a conduit into the Goal Achievement token. The token is one of his many current projects. All of his projects seem to revolve around getting people to their success goals.

He is offering people a tool to achieve their success, whatever that success may look like to them individually. I asked him what a success mindset is. 

Jonica: So, what exactly is a success mindset?

Michaelson: A Success Mindset is how you deal with your successes and failures. It is a mindset of moving forward. A “Positive Mindset” is one of movement. 

Jonica: What are some of the other types of mindsets that are less fruitful to goal achievement?

Michaelson: There’s a “Negative Mindset” which is a fear of success. When you are frozen in place, you cannot move forward. You cannot succeed. Too many people are incapable of seeing their negative mindset on a deeper level. A deeper conscious level. I don’t mean subconsciously. For example, if I stub my toe. I notice that my toe hurts because I’ve stubbed it. It is only later in the day I go deeper and ask myself exactly why I stubbed my toe and how I can change my viewpoint to avoid stubbing my toe again. This is conscious deep level thinking. 

Jonica: What are some of the ways you manifest your own success mindset?

Michaelson: In any endeavor, any project, any belief I hold I first set out to prove myself wrong. So many people set out to prove themselves right that they miss the truth. Without truth, there can be no success. And I don’t mean the self-help guru’s personal truth. I mean THE truth. You have to question your beliefs. When you do, you may discover you are wrong. What you believe is not the truth. When I prove myself wrong, the truth of the matter comes about.

Jonica: What are some of your blind spots?

Michaelson: In what regard?

Jonica: Like blindspots on a car. You know they are there, so you know you have to turn your head to watch out for what might be in your blind spot so you don’t crash and die. What are some areas in your life that you know you must pay attention to so you don’t crash and die?

Michaelson: I’m going to answer that on two fronts. The first is in regard to the Crypto Course. I really have to watch my advice. I worry I could be wrong. I could be spewing nothing but Garbage. I could be a trojan horse. The second is in regard to my life journey. Basically, I have to pay attention to the same things. 

Jonica: Do you have solutions for these blind spots? Like, you know, turning your head so you can see behind you when you are changing lanes. 

Michaelson: Absolutely! My solution is to surround myself with teams of highly competent people. People who can call me on my B.S. People who can keep me in check. People who can prove me wrong or at least get me to try to prove myself wrong so that the truth, THE truth, will ultimately come about.

Jonica: One last question before we hang up. Do you take your own advice? Do you follow your own guidance?

Michaelson: That was actually two questions! HA HA HA. In short, the answer to both is the same. Yes. I follow my own guidance. I take my own advice. I have to. I have a success-driven goal achievement mindset! 

Thank you so much for reading my review of the Goal Phoenix Build Your Crypto Portfolio course and interview with Michaelson Williams, founder, and Creative Director of Goal Phoenix Crypto.

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