Goal Phoenix Build Your Crypto Course Review

I recently took a crypto portfolio course from Goal Phoenix by Michaelson Williams, Founder and Creative Director of Goal Phoenix Crypto. The course, Building Your Crypto Portfolio, sells for $798.00 but was heavily discounted to $497.00. The course is set up for brand new beginners in the world of cryptocurrency buying, selling, trading, and investing.Continue reading “Goal Phoenix Build Your Crypto Course Review”

I Haven’t Been Writing Because I’ve Been Arting.

I Arted! https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/62508049?asc=u I’m having a ball setting up the Redbubble store and designing, um, designs. I’ve been going through the eleventeen kabillion photos in my Google Photo cloud. Some of these photos are 10 years old! Higher resolution photos (aka more pixels) make better product design. Most of my older photos are 800×500. NotContinue reading “I Haven’t Been Writing Because I’ve Been Arting.”

New Designs

I’m horrible at monetizing my craft. I’ve spent the past 40+ years creating and most of that was as a starving artists. I’d love to figure out a slick website with affiliate links and ads and buttons to take you to my art for sale. I admit. I am inept in this area. (Any help/suggestions/adviceContinue reading “New Designs”

It’s Not Pretty But It’s Healthy

This morning’s smoothie was beautiful before it was blended. What you see (and don’t see) in that blender are mixed berries – strawberries, blueberries, black berries, spinach, a carrot, a little milk, green tea, and a couple of left over smoothie ice cubes from surplus smoothies of the past. I also added stevia for sweetnessContinue reading “It’s Not Pretty But It’s Healthy”

Plot Driven Characters or Character Driven Plot?

As I’ve written about before, my dad was a writer. His writing technique was definitely character driven. Also as I’ve mentioned before, my dad seemed to get bogged down in his characters. Never going much beyond index cards full of characterizations. I’ve been taking Masterclass lessons on writing from some of the greats. As myContinue reading “Plot Driven Characters or Character Driven Plot?”

Out of The Hole

I’ve been in a deep, dark depression hole since early August. Maybe even a bit before. August 13th was not only my wedding anniversary, but also 1 year since I had a spot of skin cancer removed from under my eye. A little over a year ago I started having mystery nausea and barfing episodes.Continue reading “Out of The Hole”


My dad was a writer. As far as I know, he wrote till the day he died. Only he didn’t write. He had all these cards with character descriptions. He had grand ideas. He didn’t have the words on paper. He did have one play that was written up in Time magazine and performed atContinue reading “Daddy”

Is NaNoWriMo Just a Set up For Failure?

That’s what I have thought in years past. And I never signed up. This year, I changed my thinking. Instead of trying to complete a novel during the month of November, a task I still find daunting, I am using the daily word count to build a consistent routine. Every weekday morning, from 6 toContinue reading “Is NaNoWriMo Just a Set up For Failure?”

Breakfast Smoothie

File this one under delicious. In April of this year, after being poked and prodded, scoped from both ends, and innumerable road trips to doctors far and near, I was officially diagnosed with IBS. I learned more about Irritable Bowl Syndrome than I ever thought I wanted to know. There are 3 types. IBS AContinue reading “Breakfast Smoothie”

Not Even Winter Yet

This was written during a power outage on Wednesday, 28 October. We have no electricity. Power in town is also out. The prediction is to have it back on by 1pm tomorrow. In town. We are on a different grid so who knows how long before we have power. I’m mostly concerned with running water.Continue reading “Not Even Winter Yet”