Depression Sucks

Like, literally. Depression sucks joy, energy, motivation, hygiene, creativity, and the will to face one more day out of a person. Depression isn’t the same thing as feeling sad. Sometimes, I do feel sad, though that is rare. More often I feel heavy. Listless. Empty. Numb. My brain shuts down. I have a fairly highContinue reading “Depression Sucks”

Thunder Ice

It’s still October, right? It is, isn’t it? It’s been hard to tell by the weather in the Texas Panhandle this week. We’ve had Ice Rain and Thunder Ice. It hasn’t snowed. But everything is super frozen. It’s strangely beautiful to see green things encased in ice. Like my fennel plant and small blades ofContinue reading “Thunder Ice”

New Site No Time

I’ve gotten a new website. And I keep telling myself I don’t have time to build it. I have time. I also have depression and find myself in a depression hole these days. I manage to keep up with my editing duties and occasional household chores but, beyond that, I’m not even working on myContinue reading “New Site No Time”