It’s Not Pretty But It’s Healthy

This morning’s smoothie was beautiful before it was blended. What you see (and don’t see) in that blender are mixed berries – strawberries, blueberries, black berries, spinach, a carrot, a little milk, green tea, and a couple of left over smoothie ice cubes from surplus smoothies of the past. I also added stevia for sweetnessContinue reading “It’s Not Pretty But It’s Healthy”

Breakfast Smoothie

File this one under delicious. In April of this year, after being poked and prodded, scoped from both ends, and innumerable road trips to doctors far and near, I was officially diagnosed with IBS. I learned more about Irritable Bowl Syndrome than I ever thought I wanted to know. There are 3 types. IBS AContinue reading “Breakfast Smoothie”