I Used to Want Grandkids

But this doeling goat kid has changed my mind. She’s adorable and I love her. But I’m exhausted! She lost both ears and one leg to frostbite. Her frostbitten leg atrophied and we thought that would be that. After enough time in the house that we, her vets and I, figured she would live andContinue reading “I Used to Want Grandkids”

The Gray Days

It’s the long days, the days that take forever to get started and even longer to end.  The gray days, the days that are drab and drawn.  The cold days. The I-feel-so-old days. The days I can only just muster up enough energy to scold myself for being lazy. For being hazy. For being slowContinue reading “The Gray Days”

Running With the Wools

Back in 2013, I quit smoking. A year later I began running. Or shuffle hopping, as I like to call it. I ran almost daily for nearly two years before work and life (and in the summer of 2016 cigarettes) got in the way. In 2018, after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, I startedContinue reading “Running With the Wools”

11.21.2020 Journal Entry

My brothers are much healthier than I am. I think they had at least one trusted adult, and Mom never interacted with them the way she interacts with me. She was never physically violent with them. She never seemed embarrassed by them or had extreme anger toward them. They had a very different childhood to mine.

Totally Random True Story Memories

I was just remembering the time I fucked a drummer and he gave me crabs. And when I was hanging out with him in the loft of a huge, empty  warehouse where after hours parties were held, the cops raided the joint and I got put in the back of an honest-to-goodnesd paddy wagon. IContinue reading “Totally Random True Story Memories”